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I have been trying to get pregnant since March. I had two miscarriages and then last week I tested positive on a pregnancy test. A few days later I started getting bad cramps and backpain. I imediately thought I was miscarrying, again. Then I started bleeding, the blood was mostly brown, black, and pink. A few days later it was redish-brown. Then it was just spotting. The beeding has stopped, but the cramps are still here, and I've been incredibly tired. Could I still be pregnant? If not, will I ever be able to have children, why do I keep miscarrying? I'm 23 years old and in good health.


You could still be pregnant, many women actually experience early bleeding in pregnancy and think they are having their periods..Which is why there is a myth about 'periods in pregnancy', it is not a period, just bleeding.

You might need to consider making an appt with a gyn doc for an ultrasound and work-up...

You should consider taking prenatal multivitamins so that your body has enough folic acid.

Miscarriages happen for unknown reasons sometimes, usually there is really no way to know why.