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hi im 15 years old and i had sex for the first time 3 weeks ago. i pms very badly and this month it was extra bad, with the cramps and bloating and the uterus pain.i thought i would die. i woke up on the first and got myy period later on that day. i went to school 2 days later thinking i jjust had my period and got extremely nausious. i didnt vomit but my body felt like my insides were gonna come up any second. i went to the doctor in my school. he asked me all these personal question and said i might have a miscariage. i pondered all night about this and now im helpless. if anyone has any advice please i would be so honored to hear it.


You can know you had a miscarriage by taking a preganncy test. A test will show up as a positive 1-2 weeks after a miscarriage.

YOU are 15.. Birth control can be obtained without parental consent or money..

PLANNED PARENTHOOD would be a great help to you. They can see your for exams and treat you wihtout your parents knowing.