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Im 22yrs old and have been sexually active for a couple of years. Last night during sex all at once there was blood. I didnt continue to bleed afterwards and it didnt hurt. I go to the gyno and he has never said anything was wrong. My boyfriend seems to think he popped my cherry. He is a little "bigger" than anyone I have ever been with. It never really occured to me that I could have not popped my cherry before? Is this possible, could I have just had a thicker hymen than most girls. The blood kinda scarred me and I'm just searching for answers. Thanks.


as far as im aware unless things change @_@ you break the hymen usually the first time. for the 'wang' to go in it needs to push itself inside and that breaks the hymen. correct me if im wrong but thats what ive been tought.

if hes a bit bigger or considerably bigger to what your used to or havent had sex for a while then its possible he may have torn the lining. it usualy heals fine but does cause bleeding.