Back in February I had sex without a condom, and the next morning I realized that my period began. So to prevent any possibility of pregancy, I took plan B. I'm unsure about the effects of taking plan b while on your period, and how it will effect it. The next month, my period never came. I had taken plan b before and when I did, my period would skip a whole month, but then resume regularly after. Now in April, I had my period in the 9th, but I wasn't sure if it was implantation bleeding or my actually period? I had began to feel sluggish and my breasts were sensative. I thought maybe that was because of the large dosage of plan i had taken back in February. My question is, can implantation bleeding occur 2 months after having sex? The bleeding that i had was dark and lasted 3 days.

I just want to make sure to calm my worried mind.