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11days ago i had unplanned/unprotected sex(june 13) and then on (june 15) i took the morning after pill and i wasnt due for my period intil (JUNE 23)(june 21) i got what i am thinking is my period but its light and very watery not like a normal period..which is heavy(14days at the most) and i soak a pad in 2.5hrs to 3hrs and i'm wondering if this is my period or not because my cervix is low and completely closed...and i am having something like a period but its light red(starting to slow down and not be so red like a pinkish red..when i pee) and i am having to wear a pad but when i stand/sit for awhile (which i am always up and down..) i dont have that flow when i stand up and i am waiting at least 19days before getting any blood work or hpt test done..should i do it now or wait a little while... i'm 21yrs old and i'm lost and help would be great!!


Plan B usually causes women to bleed after a week or so once taking it. This is a common side effect.

Bleeding is usually not a symptom of pregnancy, although some women have reported an implantation bleeding/spotting to occur. From what you are saying, however, implantation bleeding doesn't fit this. Implantation bleeding is more of a spotting - light pink to light brown - usually barley enough to even reach your undies. If you soaked pads within 2.5 hours, I'd say this isn't the cause.

An ectopic (tubal) pregnancy can cause bleeding. This happens with the egg attaches inside the fallopian tube. This type of pregnancy, however, is associated with severe pains, usually to one side, shoulder pain, and pelvic pain. If you experience these symptoms, you should go to the doctor as soon as possible- these types of pregnancies are very very dangerous!

Plan B is meant to be taken within 48 hours...and it seems as if you made that deadline. Even if it was say... 54 hours or something, it would still be effective, although not AS effective if you would have taken it earlier... especially within 24 hours. The failure rate of plan B increases as you pass the 48 hour mark.

You can take an hpt test around 15 days post sex, or the day before your missed period. If you were due for your period on the 23rd, you can take one now. I reccomend getting the early detection type, and using morning urine. If you were pregnant, there would be the most amount of hormone in morning urine.. thus you would most likely catch the postive result then.

I would suggest taking an hpt test... although since you took plan B in the alloted time, it would be unlikely if you were pregnant. If the test comes back negative and you keep bleeding, I would suggest seeing a doctor. Things such as cysts and other anomalies can cause irregular bleeding as well.

Best of luck!


my sister never knew she was pregnant with her second born intil the second month...
she had normal pms signs and then she founded out...
so we'll see..