There is probably tons of questions like this but here have another. Awhile ago I started to touch my boyfriend down there. And I sometimes get precum on my fingers. I usually rub it somewhere, wait for it to dry, or avoid touching it altogether. One time I had to use the bathroom and most of the time I wash my hands off or use sanitizer. This once I forgot to wash my hands before I went. And my one finger touched close to the opening but right above and not directly in it. I'm worried sick about the possibility of being pregnant. He told me he doesn't masturbate himself and he has never done it in front of me so I don't know for sure. He doesn't touch himself so when he does touch me he doesn't have anything on his hands. Another thing is I'm so freaking paranoid. I looked up early signs of being pregnant. And I'm moody, more urinating, and I have a slight increase of appetite. My period it's do in the next few days so the moodyness could be form that. I just want a answer to somewhat ease me from the worrying. I'm worried that the stress and paranoia will cause me to miss my period and freak me out more.