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So I am 15 and me and my boyfriend fool around and he fingers me, I'm 100% sure he has nothing on his hands when he does that but then I give him a hand job and get some of his cum on my hand. I immediately wash my hands thoroughly with soap and water, he goes into my bathroom and cleans up and then washes his hands thoroughly with soap and water too. Then if were in the mood again he wants to finger me but I'm always scared he has stuff on his hands so I make him wash them again. Then he fingers me. I'm really scared that I could be pregnant from some way. I always have pants on and when I give him a hand Job I always make sure that everything is dry. I'm just really scared. I know it sounds childish but can someone please help me. What if he got some on my bed, and I slept in the bed that night or if he got some on the sink and I touched it and then wiped myself or something. Just please help me



awww honey calm down. its good that you are concerned but the cum needs to go inside of you. dried cum is very unlikely to get you pregnant. Also think when a guy comes inside a girl, the girl doesn't get pregnant 100% of the time (but that being said if you don't want a baby you're safer using a condom and be careful) Good for you taking precautions, but just know that its very unlikely that you'll get pregnant that easily, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be careful. but you have no reason to be so scared, just make sure you wash your hands and clean up. (I'm assuming you're not having sex yet) but if you are be careful! but remember you shouldn't be too scared about sex or sexual things enjoy yourself right? take your time :)