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As of late, I have been having a problem with mild paranoia and anxiety. I have had several panic attacks which caused me to nausia, cold sweats, body shakes and shortness of breath. I always feel as though people are following me and wake up constantly in the middle of the night because I think I have missed something important that I had to do. Recently, also, I have been really untrusting with my boyfriend, accusing him of cheating or being disinterested in our relationship (even though when I try to rationalize with myself I think he is a pretty amazing guy.)

When I went to the doctor he treated me as though I was just some college student worried about her boyfriend (who, he also suggested, was probably cheating on me) I felt belittled and like he wasn't taking my situation seriously, but the truth is that I become scared leaving my house. I don't even so much writing this on the internet because I don't know who reads this site. I want to be better and be able to sleep and to walk around town without constantly looking behind my shoulder.

Does anyone think I should find another doctor, and what do you think he/she might do, or do you think that I am being ridiculous and childish and don't need help?



recently i had a couple panic attacks and anxiety from binge drinking.... i know how you feel... the cold sweat and the inability to sleep... restlessness... i really want to help you because you feel so helpless when it happens. you get really depressed.

one, go see a doctor, new one....

you paranoia is equivalent to my insecurities that i have when there are one around me.... anyhow you are not alone in this.

what you need to do is eat healthy, do lots of exercise.... i run about 3 times a week and 3-4 miles each time, about half an hour. it makes feel relaxed and good. if the panics are bad, then take some pills... i try not to :-)

let me know



I have recently just been on holiday and spent 2 weeks drinking. b4 this i wasnt drinking at all and use to do lots of exercise. the past couple of weeks i have been having anxiety and paranoia attacks - especially at night and wheras b4 i could go down the gym and go running without any problems, i now find that i hate the rush of adrenalin which i used to love. it leaves me a shivering wreck. will this pass over or am i stuck with it for the rest of my life?