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Yes, you can treat dry skin, but it would also help to know what's causing it.

For the most part, we’re all fans of winter. Christmas and the feeling of being cozy inside our nice, warm houses makes for exciting thoughts, while the thought of a new year and a new start is another major plus point for being excited about the winter season. Some people however - me, included - do take a small bit of suffering from the colder months and the cold, crisp bite of the temperature outside takes its harsh toll. While winter is for the main a season to be jolly, if you suffer from sensitive or dry skin, it can often be the toughest season to navigate.

Dry skin is often a by-product of some of the things you use as skincare. Irritation and dry skin come hand-in-hand and if you suffer from them, you will know that if you let either get too bad, they will cause you huge discomfort and pain. It’s an unfortunate by-product of the elements outside. But just what is it about the winter months that turn our skin from silky smooth to sore? One if the problems could be how you’re treating dry skin, or whether you suffer from any underlying problems.

The reason that skin becomes dry during winter is simple. Because your body gets cold and the humidity drops in the air and your body is less likely to sweat (because you don’t need to in the cold!) you will find your skin drying out much easier, which in turn makes the skin become painful and chapped

One cause of dry, irritable skin could be eczema. Eczema, a condition which results in the sufferer from having irritable and sensitive skin, is a pain and only gets worse during the winter months. If it goes untreated, the sore patch/patches can become inflamed, while sleeping becomes a problem - stopping yourself from itching while you’re asleep is one of the hardest things to do, and only ends up making the situation even worse. What you need to do is treat your skin before it becomes inflamed.

Although sore skin comes from dry air and through cold temperature, another cause of dry skin is actually bathing and showering in water that is too hot. Even though it may sound like an oxymoron compared to earlier paragraphs, the hot water dries out your skin too. Bathing in lukewarm water is the best way to go. Either extreme temperature will end up doing you more harm than good.

While winter may cause you some pain, it’s also worth mentioning that if you’re heading outside in the cold, covering up with multiple layers and appropriate clothing to keep you warm is something you need to do. The bite of the winter chill can affect bare skin or barely covered skin, but if you protect yourself with a scarf, hat and cover the parts of your body that hurt, you can reduce the pain that comes with cold air. It’s also just a sensible way to dress in winter.

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