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I'm having some weird spotting issues, and it's not the first time. Period usually comes around the 15th. I'm spotting a few days before my periods, and I heard somewhere that this isn't normal.

Should I get checked if it doesn't come? Or even if it does come?

Dec 15th or so - spotting
Dec 18th - period came
Jan 15 - period came
Feb 3 - stomach flu symptoms, throwing up every 10 minutes, 102 fever, out for 2 days
Feb 15 - Skipped period, although I saw a little pink stuff inmy discharge ONCE
Mar 12 - one string of blood in panties
Mar 13 - woke up with a few spots, afternoon had one spot, then nothing
Mar 14 - enough brown discharge (?) to fill 1/3 of my ultra thin pantiliner. It looked like what I get at the end of a period
Mar 15 - nothing yet

The only sexual activity i've had was on Feb 13th, where my boyfriend rubbed me (clit and opening) over my panties, and he said he masturbated the night before. although he washed his hands, there's still no way right? Although, he did touch himself over boxers to "put it away".
Unless you can get a full period and still be pregnant. On Jan 3rd he rubbed me over my panties and touched his penis maybe once under his boxers.

This isn't implantation bleeding right? Unless from what I've described, there's a chance I got pregnant.
I did get more pimples and acne than usual about a week or two ago, but that may have been from stress. It seems to have settled down though.

Can someone help? =\


Sorry, I forgot the main question:

Does anybody else have this? Is it considered normal or should I get it checked?


Anybody? Someone told me it could be an infection or a cervical cyst?