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My brother has started getting these lumps behind his ears and on his head and neck. it looks like he hurt himself and a huge lump formed there. it started with just one and now it gotten to three and they seem to get bigger by the day! the one behind his left ear is almost as big as his ears. does anyone know what this could be? my other brother said it might because of stress since my younger brother just started working at his first job at a factory. he said that when you touch it it hurts they look really red too. i worried and would like to take him to the doctors but he doesn't want to go unless it is serious. '

please help me.


Tell your brother that he doesn't know whether it's serious or not but if he doesn't see a doctor about it then it could very well become a serious issue. I suspect that it could be cystic acne, but since this is relatively recent it could be something altogether. Did you say that it hurts? DOes he say it hurts a lot? Either way, he needs to see a doctor as soon as possible just to make sure it's not a problem. I'm sure he's a little afraid, but talk to him about it and tell him that you'll be there for him. Since guys are so tough about going to the doctor, don't specifically mention that you know he's afraid. Just tell him that you won't leave him alone until he does go. Does that sound good? Please let us know how it turns out.