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I had C4-5 arthritis confirmed by MRI. Steroid injections would help briefly. Three weeks ago, I had a cervical rhizotomy and 4-5 days after the procedure, the pain returned as bad as ever. The pain now radiates into the deltoid and the last few times I tried to work out, I am very weak in that deltoid. My doctor told me to give it more time and the pain should resolve. Should I be worried about any nerve damage and will there be any other options for the pain?


I had a cervical rhizotomy on levels C4-7 four weeks ago & am having pain & slight paralysis on my left shoulder (down to elbow). I can't raise my arm. Also have parasthesia (pins & needles pain) on right shoulder & neck down to my clavical. Since you had this over a year ago, I'm asking if you still have the pain & problems? Did it ever subside?