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Hi everyone, 

Really lost with all different information.  I would greatly appreciate your feedback.  

I had wrist and forearm pain with pins and needles in both of wrists about 3 months ago. Doc said carpal tunnel, wore braces and stopped working, wrist pain gets less, but forearm pain stays. about 2 months ago, started to have neck pain and upper arm pain. Doc said that I used my forearm and neck in funny way to compensate for wrist, so started using the wrist brace only when sleeping, and have been icing the forearm muscles as its done for tennis elbow.  Icing for about 2 months, don't see any improvement, neck and forearm pain still occurs in different places at different times, so cannot confirm if it is tennis elbow.  Tried to wear a brace for tennis elbow, but pins and needles in palm start as soon as I wear the brace.  So now I am confused as to what it may be.  If you can please shed some light on what the possible causes and ways to confirm them would be, that will be great help! Please feel free to ask if you have any question. Greatly appreciate your help, Thanks a lot!


I had the same pain for two years. A doctor found I had a ruptured disc at C3-C4. He did surgery. Pain worsened after me waiting  another 3 months 3 times hope the nerves just needed to wake up. In the meantime I asked for another surgeon referall. After the surgeon went back over my MRI results he said that no one in our area could fix my problem.  He sent me to Duke University where I was told I had Myelomalacia and loss of spinal cord volume from c4-c6 I go back to Duke Thursday. I realize that things cold be worse. I pray that you find your problem before you are faced with more months or years of pain. I feel that I was not told how serious my problem was from day 1. And the first surgeon was very sorry it didn't help.