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I had anterior spinal fusion of C4, C5 and C6 with bone transplant and anterior plating. The doctors also removed bone spurs and rebuilt the curve in my neck which had gone straight. This was done 9 months ago. I was back at work in less than 3 weeks. I was released by the neurosurgeon in about a month and the orthopedic surgeon says I am fusing well. Only I began having pain in my right shoulder blade, the same area that had been painful before. I am also very sore in my right elbow. The X-rays three weeks ago showed a bit of arthritis in my right rotator cuff. Celebrex and a steroid injection in the rotator cuff have not worked. Has something gone wrong with the surgery? Anybody got an idea?


I had Lumbar (L-3-L-5) fusion with decompression July 2012. I walk & swim 5 days a week. The pain going down my legs is gone but the pain at the base of my spine is painful every day. I just turned 60 & I keep hoping I will get better but it is hard to be hopeful after living with pain for so long. Good luck.