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Hi, I'm a 44 yr old female, I lead a busy life and at night want nothing more than to get some much needed sleep. Unfortunately I have been waking up several times with a "pins & needle" feeling. It happens on both my left & right side causing me to toss & turn several times a night switching sides in order to find some relief. If I lay on my back, I experience it in both hands. I am waking up not feeling rested and grumpy! Help!


Hello Barb,  I too had the pins and needles causing me to wake me up. It was a feeling of painfull numbness and tingling upon waking. I would have to stand up and flex arms and hands to make it go away and regain feeling.  I had this same problem for years ignoring it because it never bothered me while i was awake. I wish i had better news for you. But maybe I can help you not get to where I am today.  6 years after this symptom started, the pain has now manifested to cervical spine stiffness, shoulder blade and deltoid pain that does not ever go away. After numerous docters and tests I have been diagnosed (by MRI) with C3-4 protrusion, C4-5 protrusion, and C5-6 Extrusion. Xrays also show spinal arthritis. Please take your symptoms as a signal that something is wrong in your cervical spine. Maybe discuss this with a docter or therapist to see what you can do to avoid futher damage. My neurosurgeon had told me chiropractic care and physical therapy if done right can help protruded discs, he also stated that once a disc herniates or extrudes thats when the symptoms become constant and usually require surgery to remove the extruded disc material. Good Luck to yo