There are controversial data regarding higher risks of blood clots with theuse of birth control patches. One study reports that women who use patch are more likely to develop blood clots in their legs or lungs while other studies report that there is no risk at all.

Manufactures themselves report that there is a small amount of risk involved not only with the patches but all forms of birth control. In the end, they report that each woman needs to consult her doctor about the safety of contraceptives in their cases and that contraceptives should not be used without doctors’ approval.

The risks of forming blood clots in their lungs or legs in women who do not use birth control patches are 1 in 10000. This number may rise to 3 to 5 in women who use any form of the contraceptives. The number may be even higher in women who smoke and they are advised not to use the patches as smoking itself poses risk of stroke and heart attack.

There is an increased levels of hormones in women who use the contraceptives and even twelve deaths have been reported among the women who used the patch. So, before deciding on whether to use the patch or not, make sure your doctor runs some tests first to see if you are safe for it.