Researchers found that birth control pills could be related to plaques that could possibly endanger the heart. Study reports that risk of finding plaque in key arteries increased by 25% for every 10 years of the use of birth control pill.

This study shows that a potentional risk of the plaque is also in women who stopped taking birth control pills as well as it is for the women who took it for more than 10 years. Doctors say that this study needs more research before it can be proven right.

Birth control pill is the most common type of contraception and researchers never linked it with some serious condition although it is proven that it may increase blood pressure. Researchers don’t know if the pills women are using today have the same effect as the one they used more than 10 years ago because the amount of estrogen in the pills was higher in the past. Doctors agree that there is no need for women to stop taking their pills because this study needs more research.

Some of the experts say that if women are going to continue using birth control pills they should at least reduce some other risk factors of heartd disease such as smoking, cholesterol and diet.