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Long story short, I started Depo March of 2007 and took the last shot March 2011 (with another dose due June 2011). I did not take that dose. If the Depo lasts for 3 months, then I have not had a dose for 10 months (counting frim June until now).  My first question is do I count from March as they last shot even though the dose is for 3 months at a time, or do I count from when that dose would have ended?

I understand the Depo has to "run it course". My cycle began again in November 2011. it is now April of 2012 and we have been trying to get pregnant and nothing is happening. I wanted some insight on how long it could take.

Also, if you have unprotected sex the day before your cycle is suppose to start, can you get pregnant?


Sorry to scare you, but anytime you have sex there is a chance. Especially if it is unprotected & even more so that he came inside you. Good luck!