Ok so here is my situation. I took the Depo birth control shot in November and never went back for my second shot. It is now late June and I have still not had a period. I had unprotected sex on June 8th and began having very faint pink appear when I wiped on June 19th. Everything was normal on the 20th then on the 21st i saw the pink one more time. Well today is the 22nd and low and behold I saw pink again. I am slightly crampy, moody, have to pee constantly, can't sleep but am exhausted. Could I be pregnant? Do you still ovulate if your body isn't having normal cycles?? Somebody please help. I have looked online and from this time line I would be due March 1, 2011 but really don't know when I should take a test or if I should at all. Thanks for you help!!