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Hi back in october 2011 my mom forced me to take the depo shot, so on november 2011 i got my first shot done and continued for a few times. 

  1. Novemeber 2011
  2. March 2012
  3. June 2012
  4. September 2012

My last shot was suppose to be december 2012 but I decided that i wanted to get off the shot and begin my normal life again since i finally stood up to my mother and said no. Now for the past 7 months my partner and i have been talking about having children in the near future and i would also love it but i have read many many many post and comments about not being able to concieve to up to 2 years. i was wondering what could i do to increase my chance of becoming pregnant soon. I want to become pregnant before the holiday season this year 2013. is there any way that will be possiable? Do i have to talk to my doctor/ gyno? what should i excatly ask them?What can the doctor exactly do to make me get pregnant sooner? 

I have been so depressed thinking that i cant have a kid of my own and its harder since my partner he has his own child from a previous relationship years back. I want my own kids,I want to start our own family already. I feel like its just killing me inside knowing that i may not be able to have kids for a few years. Since ive been on the shot ive been very depressed, ive had suicidal thoughts i have nervous breakdowns, Im a mess. Is there any hope for me?


aww dont talk like that theres hope for you,im sure your a wonderful person.

i took the depo shots as well and they made me feel like i was going insane,crazy almost bitchy not good i took them 3 times finished in aug. had my son the next september. so im not sure what you read but its no written in stone, my other son i had when i was on the pill so go figure.

i hope  this gives you a little ray of light!