Okay so I've been freaking out for two months. My periods have been all over the place, early but never late, sometimes too short or too long. I'm 17 and sexually active, I've been active for about two years now(I'm turning 18 in four months) and my periods have always been fine. I'd get my period around the 27th or every month and it would last for 5-7 days (completely off on the 7th day) . I first got my period when I was 13, it literally came on the day of my 13th birthday. 

Now to the issue. On March 14, my period came on and was normal, just like all my other periods, it went off on March 20th. On March 21st, me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex (I know it's bad but condoms irritate my vagina idk why.)  So everything was fine till the morning after that. When I woke up there was a very liquid like white ish water (about two or three drops) running down my leg (I sleep without pants or underwear cause I get hot through the night so it didn't soak through anything ) there was no smell and I felt fine, no itching or burning just the weird discharge. That lasted off and on for about 3 days before it went back to my normal discharge that was like a clear sort of thick like a transparent white, with no smell. However, I had cramps. Very slight cramps but enough for me to notice them.

-Let me say this before I go any further. I had a pregnancy scare before where I had cramps with light spotting that stopped and I thought it was implantation bleeding but then my period came on when it was due and I had many periods after that.-

Like I was saying, the cramps started and I was like as long as I'm not spotting I'm not gonna worry about it but the next day, March 26th, there was a streak of blood in my discharge when I wiped. Now implantation bleeding only last 1 or 3 days and is around the time or your next period so I was confused. This was one 6 days after my period went of and when I had sex I wasn't even ovulating yet. So I figured it was spotting from stress. School , family issues(a lot. Me and my mom's relationship is drifting and we argue a lot) so again I didn't worry much. Then on the 31st, it seemed like I had begun my period. Very early , my period just ended on the 20th so that's about 11 days in between? I was confused, but didn't go to the doctors cause then I'd have to tell my mom I'm sexually active and she'll hate me even more lol but I turned to Google, which scared me even more, all types of diseases and infection popped up so I decided to just wear pads and go on as if it was a normal period. It started off light and got heavy , then by April 6th it seemed to have stopped. I assumed It was over cause I didn't have cramps anymore and the bleeding was only there when I wiped and mixed with discharge (how the last day of my period always is) but that night, I woke up around 12 am with cramps and discomfort in my lower back and when I stood up to go to the bathroom, thinking I had to poop, I felt blood gush out and go down my leg. I made it to the bathroom and it was a mess. My underwear was ruined, I had to shower since blood was all on my leg but before that, I sat on the toilet for a while and I would get a sharp pain where my cramps usually are and then I'd feel a slight pain in my cervix and plop a blood clot into the toilet. I was worried , I've had blood clots before but not after my period like it was on full blast and there was a lot of clots not too big and they weren't hard (yes I examined them) so again me being a dumb child I went back to bed with a pad on and got myself a heating pad. I felt myself passing clots all night as well as gushing blood. I had to change my pad about 3 times that night. In the morning I was fine, still bleeding, small clot every now and then and only slight cramps and back discomfort .I went on with my day, went to the store, ate regularly , walked to the local store for some snacks(I had just got paid, wasn't craving anything) and nothing weird happened , I was still confused that my period was still on cause I thought it had went off but I figured it wasn't done yet. But again, that night was just like the one before, bad cramps, back pain, and passing clots. This has been going on for three days and today, April 8th would be the 9th or 10th day of my period! That's not normal for me and it's showing no signs of getting lighter, I fill a pad in 2 hours and my cramps feels like the 3rd day of my period where I would have to take Advil. 


Idk what's going on but u am going to the doctors today, I've decided. 

If this sounds familiar to you at all or has ever happened to you please reply