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My Husband has had C Dif, and is now home, is being treated again for it, is it contagiou?


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It is quite possible that you would get the bacteria from your husband as it can be spread from skin to skin. However, this doesn’t mean you will develop the disease.
Many people carry the bacteria on their hands but don’t get sick.

Although most commonly people get C diff in the hospitals, it could be spread from every day contact.

C-diff disease usually occurs after an antibiotic treatment when the good bacteria that lives in the intestines is dead and when the bad bacteria takes over. Then a person starts experience the diarrhea and other symptoms.

C diff bacteria could live anywhere in the open for a long time. In order to minimize the chances of passing bacteria, your husband should be careful and wash his hands regularly with soap and water every time before meal and after the toilet and you should keep all the area very clean like toilets and kitchen.