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Hi, I'm a 16 year old and almost convinced I have some kind of cancer, I am waiting on the results of a fecal occult blood test.
Just wondering if someone knows any other cause for my symptoms

So for about a week, I was having terrible headaches almost everyday,
Then one day instead of a headache I had sharp gas pains, pain while walking around in my abdomen and pain while peeing or pooping and frequent gas that was hard to pass.

This lasted for 2 days before the pain got really bad and I couldn't walk around anymore, But it only lasted half a day or so then I was running around outside that night.

Then 2 days later, I had a big rock solid poop which was quite dry with mucus all around it. Then I had softer stools with dark green mucus with a lot of abdominal pain and tiny streaks of blood on the stool.
Then for the rest of the night, all I had was this clear,yellowish discharge and one time there was a pinky fingernail size of blood in it.

The next day, I still had the same discharge with small thin stools.

That night I got really nauseous and couldnt go at all.
The next day I went to the doctor, he said he thought I might have polyps and sent me in for the test,

Then I started passing what I can only describe as undigested glop.
The next day the stools started getting larger and I was having diarrhea that was.. normalish compared to what I had been having.
Friday i was passing medium sized soft stools, and on sat morning I had a 90 percent normal stools, so I thought I was better,
I was totally wrong sat afternoon I had really severe diarrhea again and then it progressed all the way back to the discharge with blood,
Its now Wednesday morning, I passed a yellow loose stools, no discharge but it had red chunks of something, I have barely eaten anything lately and nothing red and a few black tarry bits in it and little black specks., It also smells like ammonia.

I have also been getting really dizzy. but i think that could possibly be cos I hadn't eaten in like 3 or 4 days. and i keep getting a hot face and hands and neckand I cant sit down right on my butt cos it feels like there is something there, like I'm sitting on something. I also been getting a sore throat too. I also have a really tender stomach and lots of growls from low in my stomach to up by my chest. And excessive burping and farting OH and sometimes abdominal cramping, it comes and goes.

I am like 100 percent sure its rectal cancer,colon cancer or bowel cancer or something like that cos all my symptoms match up.

But please if you have any other ideas on what it could be please oh please let me know. Thank you for reading my novel :-P , I appreciate it alot.


I have been havig a lot of the same symtoms. Most of the dr.s I went to said I needed my gallbladder out. But my gastroenterologist said the one symptom of only pooping bloody mucus was not indicative of a bad gallbladder (would be diarrhia from bad gallbadder). you must rule out colon cancer with a colonoscopy,which my dr. did. In the colonoscopy they will also check for colitis, diverticulitis, etc...  To make a long story short, after researching it myself, I finally connected all my symtoms to c-difficile (c-diff) bacterial infection in my intestines which was caused from me taking too many antibiotics. Too many antibiotics will kill the bad bacteria but will also kill your good bacteria. Leaving you with abdominal pain and cramping right after you eat or drink and was passing only bloody mucus. Demand a stool sample be tested for c-diff, h-pylori, white blood cells, and cultures. Also, have a hida scan and ultrasound done on your gallbladder!!!! Hope this helps!