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I have been treated for 2 yrs for an open wound in my lower abdomen from a surgery I had to remove an abdominal tumor. The tumor was benign. I have had MRSA on and off since initial surgery. I have had numerous surgeries to repair this wound but it always opens back up. Now I have pseudemonous and staff and 2 other organisms. I have always had problem with my stomach and I have gerd, gastritis, and ulcerative colitis. Recently I have been experiencing worsening of my stomach problems. I've never been tested for C-DIF. Do you think I should as my doctors about it?
Thanks, Adrienne


That is terrible. On the brighter side, your tumor could have turned into cancer. You should certainly talk to the docs about the worsening and ask what Cdif symptoms are and whether it is a possibility. Take notes about your symptoms, and what you ate, etc. before you do.
How do they treat the msra?
Try cutting as much sugar out of your diet as possible, I read that staph and bacterias really thrive on sugars, and use sea salt for seasoning .
I hope the docs can make you better!


I also have MRSA in a surgical wound for 9 years now. :( Have the put you on IV vancomycin or cubicin for the infection?

My wound was post surgical, for a hysterectomy that was not successful. Yes, I left the OR with pieces of my ovaries, tubes and my uterus left intact! I was told the "top ob/gyn, general/vascular surgeon" (board certified in both with sub speciality in gyn oncology could not get my uterus out due to adhesions. He swore he got all of my ovaries and tubes out (reason for the surgery was PCOS huge cysts and a constant, large hydrosalpinx.) When I got my period 3x in a row after I asked for an FSH/LH ratio. I was not menopausal and later sono's showed the ovarian pieces left with cysts.

MRSA is one of the worst bacteria's around. C DIF is also a problem but you need to get the MRSA under control or the wound will never close properly. Even then, my old wound opens from a small spot and cultures positive for MRSA for 9 years now.

Are they packing the wound open for it to granulate from the inside out? If they are not treating the MRSA the wound will not close properly, you need to get the MRSA under control either via a pic line or daily dosages in the hospital. I had a pic line in a few years later, flew to the Mayo Clinic and no one could help me. The pic line helped for two years, no futher drainage but it began again.

It's frightening as MRSA can kill. Make sure you wash your hands with anti bacterial soap constantly and do ask about the appropriate antibiotic overseen by an infectious disease specialist. There are also wound specialists that can help and "wound vac's" that help the wound close faster. ( I wish someone had given me that option.) My wound was 30 cm wide by 10.9 cm deep.

I also had the same bacteria's as you along with a few more. It comes from dirty instruments in the OR and later from poor hygiene within the hospital. (Nurses not washing their hands, not changing gloves etc.)

Living with an open wound is no way to live permanently. I wish you the very best. If I can be of help due to my 9 years of this please let me know.