Iam a 30 yr old female, mother of a 6 year old child. I devoloped bleeding PR at the age of 11, has consulted surgen, series of barium xrays and colonoscopy was done & was found to be normal. from the age of 19, i devoloped mucous discharge, itching of anal canal and constipation & was diagnosed to have internal haemorriods in 3 o clock & 11 o clock position. was put on anti haemorroidal ointment containing betamethasone & lidnocaine and also calcium dobisilate tablets, continuing antihaemoroidal cream till now. 6 years back, during pregnancy i devoloped type 1 external haemoroids also...it subsided 1year after delivery. now iam asymptomatic except for occational on & off constipation, associated with trombosis of external haemorroid.. but still continuing antihaemoroidal cream containing nicardia & lidnocaine. when i sit or stand for along time, it aggravates... am i prone to get colorectal carcinoma? is haemorroid a predisposing factor for colorectal carcinoma??