Hey guys... Sooo.... On 6/22/2010... I started my period...... And it ended on the 26th... Now today... 7/20/2010.... I started my period at 2 in the afternoon... This date is exactly when I expected my period to come by the way, I always have a 28 day cycle.... Anyways and it was a light pink bleeding... and I felt some cramps too... So I grabbed a tampon and put it on... 8 hours later I pulled out my tampon and it was a little more than half way full.. In addition, on the 24th of June I had unproctected sex and my bf came inside me.. This was like the 3rd day of my period back in June.... And on during the 5th or 6th of July ( This was the time when I was ovulating) My bf was messing around with me down there... And I think some pre *** got in... I also heard that according to research there is no sperm in pre *** unless he hasn't urinated from a precious ejaculation... Which he did urinated... at both of those days... And I think he pre cummed in me the day before my period too.. So anyways... I just wanted to know what you guys thinks whats going on... Thank you!