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hi guys i would like to reconfirm, i already ask this question a few days ago and i am still worried. My bf fingered me June 12th and that was the last day of my period.. I gave him hand*** before he fingered me, i don't know if he had pre cum on his hands.. we both had our clothes, we are totally clothed.. and its june 20 now i am still worried, can i get pregnant that way? that's like the 4th or 5th day of my cycle since i guess i had my period june 8th or 9th? i know it just between the two.. i did research and i have read that women ovulate at day 14 of their cycle and its the middle of their cycle wherein they are very much likely to get pregnant and someone told me also that getting pregnant at the day after my period is a very low chance. is it true? pls help me guys, i've been trying to avoid thinking about this but still i am very worried could somebody help me, and where could I get a home pregnancy test? the one which uses the urine as the basis.. i don't have the person whom I can share this with because i really don't trust anybody that much, pls help me.. thankyou :(


Hi Luzvimeenda,

No you cant get pregnant the day your period stopped. Ovulation occurs 2weeks before your next period.