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A new study was done about the negative influence television watching has on youngsters. The results indicated that children under age of 2 should not watch TV at all while the older ones should be allowed to see only one or two hours of educational program per day, after finishing all the school assignments.

The study revealed alarming results about the 60% of children younger that age two are watching television more than an hour per day.

Although it is thought that setting our children in front of TV will enable us to finish all the house holds, that may not be the case. It has been showed that children respond less to parents’ words and instruction while watching television. What is worse, children who spent their time watching television showed poor academic performance.

Children should be encouraged to participate more in the outdoor gaming activities and do creative things like drawing and playing different games.


You gotta remember Mr Poindexter made this thing. I bet the only reason he is like that is because he didnt have a TV. Im pretty sure they define educational programs as things on discovery channel. Follow this study if you want your kid to have no friends, be sheltered, and know so much worthless information he ends up on jepoardy. Or he will just commit suicide. I would say more than 4 hours a day is un healthy, because oubiously then they arent being as active as they should. I would say its not a bad idea to limit how much they watch, but dont freaking time it to the minute, and force them to watch the special on walruses, because they really dont care! they WILL resent you for it if you do force it on them also.

have a great day filled with cathode tubes!