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Don't let your family become lazy this winter. Instead, help them become excited about fitness and physical activity by getting them up and outdoors as much as possible this winter. We'll show you how!

Tired of seeing your kids staring at screens all day? The television, computer, tablet, cell phone, and gaming system all make great babysitters for your kids. They also promote unhealthy lifestyles, less face to face social interaction, and take away from family time.

Spending time with your family promotes growth, understanding, and helps to solidify that bond between parents and children. The closer you are to your children, the more likely they will be to trust and confide in you, and you in them. Spending quality time together is the best way to achieve this.

We'll take you through a few different way you can increase family time, and promote good health for you and your family.

If you think that good health is important, you probably want to instill this value in your children. Children require far more physical activity than adults do. The US surgeon general report recommends a minimum of 60 minutes per day for children, while adults are recommended 30 minutes of exercise, 3 to 5 times per week. These numbers are the recommended minimums, just to maintain good health; keep in mind, more would be required to gain or lose weight.

Coordinating a busy schedule

The key to getting the family together is to pre-set days and times which are exclusively reserved for family activities. Whether you are planning a vacation, weekend get-away or after school specials, be sure that the whole family is clear on your plans. Depending on the ages of your children, you may have to work around soccer practice, music lessons, nights out with friends, exam and test season and more.

Pick your activity schedule based on the activities you know your family will be able to enjoy together. A whole weekend may allow time for camping, while a Sunday afternoon allows for time at the park. Remember to be flexible and adaptable to fit everyone's needs.

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