The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is working on raising consumer awareness about the negative influence of too much salt intake. FSA is reporting that salt intake should be reduced and limited to 6 g per day.
Too much salt is harmful as it increases risks of high blood pressure that can lead to heart attacks.
A study shows that the average men consumes 11 g and the average woman 8 g of salt per day and advice that all intake should be cut down to 6 g.

It is always better to eat home made foods to those processed or frozen ones as they besides keeping their characteristics have less salt.

Food manufacturers are committed to reformulation of products and help the FSA raise consumer awareness and reduce salt in a huge range of products and provide better, simpler information through improved labeling.

FSA and other organizations are accusing the media of unnecessary advertising junk food, which attracts more children’s to eating junk food.