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Hi. I'll start from the top and work my way down.

I'm a pretty healthy, normal, 19 year old university student and I've never had any health issues in the past.

I've last week just had my third seizure in the past 1.5 years (all about six months apart) and have had to be taken to Emergency each time. I'm thinking perhaps the seizures are related to my drinking of alcohol, or perhaps my sleeping pattern.

The first time I had just come home from a night out (only had about 2 standards beers) and awoke in the middle of my sleep and walked to the kitchen. I fell over and smacked my head on the table and apparently went into a violent seizure.

The second time was similar, where i had around 10 beers but I had also not slept for around 30 hours, and came home and smacked my head on the ground again, once again going to emergency.

The third time, this week, I fell over in the garden repeatedly three times, requiring stitches to my face. I had just been having an afternoon nap when this had happened.

After this time, I have been given an appointment next week with a Neuro-Scientist, which should hopefully clarify things, as I am now beginning to think that I may have epilepsy.

I am very worried about all of this, as the E word can be kind-of-daunting, particularly when i'm just trying to do normal things like everyone else.

What i want to ask I guess, is it related to my sleep, or drinking, because every time that i've had a seizure, it's when i've just gotten out of bed (almost in a half asleep state?).


hi there,

i hope you get better. i'm interested to hear what your follow up of this was for other people and for my own interest. have you finished all the tests?


maybe you should stop smacking your head


Clearly nickg7 has never had a Tonic-Clonic Grand Mal seizure, or any seizure of any nature. This is just an observation.

Due to violent and uncontrollable movements of the body it is no joking matter. Trust me. As the original postee Guest said, stitches are very common.

My case is almost identical to yours [Guest]. After my first round of exams after attending my first semester of College, I was oh so blessed [sarcasm] with my first Tonic-Clonic Grand Mal seizure. I am now 24 years old, and have had about 8 or 9 seizures.. you tend to lose count.

All of my seizures have been reported at an average of 5 minutes as well as ~ 200-210 beats per minute heart rate. The usual tongue biting, hypoxia and disorientation follow the seizures. Typically, I will be disoriented anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 or 5 hours, not knowing the year, my name or recognizing any one family member. I have no recollection of events that occurred within 1 hour prior to my seizures.
Full-body soreness occurs on the following day and lasts about two days in duration.

I am a very healthy individual: ~2 hours of exercise/day, healthy diet, no sedentary activities.

However, I do participate in my fair share of alcohol consumption.

I have paid nearly 10,000 $ in hospital bills, to no avail. I believe they are useless unless multiple seizures occur. I am not fortunate to have insurance as I do not suckle off of the financial parental umbilical cord. I estimate and average of 800 $ /block during ambulance rides. Usually I take the provided scrubs home [the least the system can do]. Due to the lack of insurance, I have seen only one Neurologists. It is always nice to get a second opinion as no one person knows everything, especially concerning Neurology and Neurological Disorders.

During my first few years I consumed anywhere from 1 alcoholic beverage to an entire fifth (750 ml.) of 100 proof vodka without any negative effects [i.e. seizures] on the following day. However, I began to notice a trend: Every 4-6 months [just as you had indicated] I was having seizures. This DIRECTLY correlates to Exam Finals week.
Immediately after exam week what does everyone participate in [realistically]? Drunken stooper of course. Without the agreement of my Neurologist I have decided as follows--

Activities that DECREASE my seizure threshold:
- Lack of Sleep/Unusual sleeping patterns (exam weeks)
- High Stress Levels/Severe Fluctuations in Stress Level (exam weeks)
- High consumption of 'Liquor' [Fortunately Beer (5-6) is usually okay]
- Unusual diets/eating patterns

I believe the causation of my seizures is directly related to a combination of the aforementioned seizure threshold factors. Stress being the most important one.

Our family history does NOT indicate a pattern of seizure disorders although my mother has (Generalized?) Petit Mal seizures that last 10-30 seconds. I have consulted my physician about this, and was told that any inherited seizure disorder will coincide or mirror that of the other individual. What does this mean? It is highly unlikely that my Tonic-Clonic Gran Mal seizure disorder is related in any way to my mother's Petit Mal seizure disorder.

In the past I have been prescribed the following medications:
-- Dilantin [Phenytoin] (did not work)
-- Neurontin (did not work)
-- Various other forms of Carbamazepines, Benzodiazapines and Gaba's (Gabapentin)

Currently Taking:
Lamictal [Lamotrigine] 150 mg/ twice daily p.o.

My Neurologist advised me against Depakote, Klonopin, Valproates and Tegratol as the side effects of these medications are very debilitating.

Lately I have adapted a low-stress and free-of-care attitude about life and try my best to enjoy what the world has to offer from day to day. I do my best not to worry about what "could" happen but instead just "go with the flow." My sleeping patterns are still somewhat erratic, and I still consume [and brew] beer as I refuse to give up beer AND liquor.

I hope you get a chance to read this and perhaps gain some insight.


Well i've just read all the posts and I'm glad that i'm not the only one!

Mine mirrors (Guest) to be honest - i have grand mal seizures - normally two in the same time frame (within 24 hours of the first one) and then normally between 6 weeks and 6 months apart.

I'm a bit fed up at the minute because i don't know whats going on.

i've been on the highest dose of:


and a couple of others but none of them work so far. I've just had another batch of seizures so i'll be changing again under the guidance of my nurologist.

I was 19 when first diagnosed, there is no history of epilepsy in my family on either side for as far back as anyone can remember - i'm 27 now and its still not sorted.

I've had to give up spirits/liquor as its was always causing problems, lack of sleep is always a bad sign and stress (i've just finished my masters so it shouldn't be an issue anymore)

If anyone has any advice or diet ideas i'd love to hear it! thanks!


I am very sorry. Looks like college stress you up. I hope you finish college by now, and do you still have seizure? Do they stop? Is it better than it was before?

god bless you!


my gf has it but how do i stop it...i will keep u guys in my prayers



I have no advice but I also started having seizures at 19 and (am now 24) except mine happen at night I will wake up know its going to happen but not be able to stop it happens up to 3 times per month at the worst and have gone up to 2 months without seizures Ive been on clobazam and keppra I stopped the clobazam because it was making me too tired to function and didnt seem to helping the keppra isnt much better but I do seem to have less bad seizures while on it none of the eegs or mris ive had have ever revealed anything and my family doesnt have a history of seizures either not very helpful but at least your not alone in developping this at 19 I also refuse to stop drinking cause I dont see how it could help and may as well enjoy life

the only things that have seemed to help me is lowering stress and being kinda lazy I know that sounds riddiculous but its true
good luck