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I’ve been on Effexor as my main treatment for depression for several years now, but I’ve been under a lot of extra stress over the last month which made my depression symptoms worse, mainly - my insomnia is back. I don’t really want to go on the higher Effexor dose because I’m planning to come off it fairly soon. A friend of mine recommends I talk with my psychiatrist about adding Remeron to my treatment because it helps with both depression and insomnia. What I’m not sure about though is, is it safe to use Remeron and Effexor at the same time?



Remeron is just one of the medications that can help you with sleep issues, but since you're already on one anti depressant maybe it would be better if you talked to your doctor about some faster acting sleep aids. Like all antidepressants, Remeron takes time to actually starts working and besides, it carries it's own side effects.

You could get through this rough period with help of Lorazepam or Xanax, without the need for adding another antidepressant to Effexor.