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I just starting taking birth control again i took it for two days then i missed one day, but on the day that i missed it i had sex with my boyfriend. the thing is the condom broke. he cam in me.. that was friday, and when i got back to my dorm i took two birth control pills (its sunday). since he cam in me and i didnt have my pill, could i be pregnate? i am 19 and in college, i really cant have a baby. plus my family doesnt know that i had sex and it would just be terrible. any info will help!!!


I would have to check, and this is my experience as an adult, not as a medical professional, but my understanding is that it takes time for the hormones introduced by being on the pill to constitute a safe and effective contraceptive. By contrast, the morning after pill works in part by delivering a much larger dose to disrupt the chemistry.

You will need to check, but I very much doubt that two days constitutes safe contraception. Nor can I comment on the practice of taking two bc pills as a sort of homemade morning-after pill. Essentially, you entered into experimental science. It is a shame you waited until this evening, but all is not apparently lost, as according to the plan B website - a popular morning after pill, to judge by posts - you have 72 hours within which it can be effective, which means that you will have to visit the website and read the FAQ and documentation first, but it would seem that you can obtain the pill and take it before monday evening, and it will still offer an extra degree of safety.

Overall, I would say that your most important class on monday is a trip to a doctor or clinic, to get an official medical opinion on the above, and likewise to get Plan B or equivalent, the sooner the better.

All of that is as regards the possible pregnancy, and respecting your right to avoid having a baby if possible.

As to the embarassment that you had sex at 19, have you asked your parents when they first had sex? How did you get here? 14 year olds were running armies, marrying, and founding dynasties two thousand years ago, and still are elsewhere in the world, an age incidentally that is still legally the age of consent in your nearest neighbour, Canada, so please, dignity is one thing, but you are an adult now, and I'm sure your parents are more than willing to treat you as one.

So far, you've missed the pill, broken a condom, almost missed the deadline for the morning after pill, entered into experimental medical science, and are embarassed over the consequences at 19. As you are the future of the human race, I wish you luck tomorrow.