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My husband and I had sex on Dec 17th and the condom broke. We did not notice and he stayed in me for a while. We only noticed after he pulled out.

I had my period on Dec 3rd and it stopped on Dec 8th. I am pretty sure I was ovulating...

I am tired of taking the morning after pill because I have already taken it 3 times this year (all 3 times the condom broke and no I did not "reuse" an old condom...clearly we just have bad luck. I can't take the birth control pills because I have bad reactions to them.)

I am going to take the pill tomorrow evening after work but that will be 42 hours. Do you think there is anyway I could still get pregnant? Can the plan b pill not work? The stats say it is 87 percent effective but everyone is saying if I take it before 72 hrs is up then I will for sure be in the clear.


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Hi, first of all I would look at the way your husband is putting the condoms on as they shouldn't keep breaking like that, maybe he isn't squeezing all the air out the tip before rolling them down, then I would think about changing the brand of condom that you are using and see if that makes a difference. Have you thought of using other forms of contraceptive like the coil, implant or depo shot if you can't take the pill? With emergency contraception the longer you wait to take it the smaller the percentage of it working is, the highest percentage they give is for if its taken straight away but it can be taken upto 72 hours after but that rate of working lowers as it goes on. Hope this makes things a little clearer for you :-)