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Hi. Can someone give me some advice on this topic?

I've been on the pill Loestrin for several years now and a few months ago I changed to Loestrin 30 (just a higher dose). It's a pill where you have 21 days of taking it, then have a pill-free week when I come on.
I have taken them late sometimes and very rarely missed one. When I've taken them late and had unprotected sex with my boyfriend I've worried about being pregnant (obviously), as I've been late for my period, but everytime it has just been a case of stress, or generally coming on late.

Anyway, I started my last period on the 8th of June and finished on Tuesday the 14th (this Tuesday just gone), so I started taking my pill as usual. I took it on the Tues, Wed & Thurs, but completely forgot to take it on Friday and Saturday. I didn't realise that I'd forgotten them, and me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on the Saturday. So technically I've missed 2 pills, but it's more like a 3 day gap in terms of when I last took it and when I took it today.

Right, my problem is that I came on again yesterday (which would make it twice in one month, within about a week of each other). I suppose that's normal as i missed 2 of my pills, but it's never happened to me before like this, even in the same situation.

I'm basically asking
1) whether that's normal?

and 2) whether it is still possible for me to be pregnant (as it says to use condoms for the 7 days after your missed pill), or if not - seeing as I've come on?
Is it that my body's obviously kicked in to thinking that I've stopped taking my pill so just came on again? I could understand coming on if I was on the last few pills of the pack and missed 1 or 2, but I'm on the start of the pack and only just finished my period a few days to a week ago.

I feel stupid because if you get your next period, you're not pregnant. But it's way too early and my protection against pregnancy will have decreased dramatically seeing as I missed 2 pills, so could I still get/be pregnant?

Also, my doctor told me that with the pills I'm on, I am protected against pregnancy even during the pill-free week (I know obv sometimes it may not).
But you can still get pregnant even when you have unprotected sex on your period, and because I missed the pills, I keep thinking that maybe I could still get pregnant even though I'm on and that kind of proves I'm not pregnant. If that makes sense? Which it probably doesn't :/

Sorry about the essay.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


While the nuvaring may keep you protected from getting pregnant because it's easier than taking the pill, there's always going to be a risk involved when having sex. You may be experiencing irregular bleeding because not everything is as perfect as they say it'll be because those are the basics of what might happen and if you had protected sex (using a condom). If you had unprotected sex, you 'may' still be experiencing irregular bleeding (more of irregular bleeding because nuvaring has a high effectiveness) OR implantation. I'm not going to comment saying what will make you feel better but the facts because it's only fair you keep in mind what the options are. I would want someone to do that for me if I needed advice. The only way to answer your question is to go talk to your doctor. I know it's scary to know the real answer but it's better than guessing and torturing yourself until something happens. Hope this helps!


Whenever you miss a pill, or you don't take them at the same time every day, the sex you have with your partner is unprotected and you could get pregnant. There are a couple of things that could have happened.

1. You're not pregnant. The birth control is making your hormones all funny, which is why you are bleeding irregularly and your cycle is different. This is the most likely possibility.

2. You weren't pregnant and got your period, but get pregnant once you've reached ovulation. It's a myth that getting your period automatically means that you can't get pregnant. Most women ovulate about five days after their period, and sperm can live in the body for up to ten days. This means that even though you got your period, it's still possible that you're pregnant and will miss your next one. If that is the case, wait a week after you expect it and take a home pregnancy test.

3. You are pregnant and the irregular bleeding was implantation bleeding. This is why I would consider seeing a doctor; the bleeding that you are experiencing now could be (although it is unlikely) a miscarriage. Miscarriages can have lasting health effects, especially for the reproductive organs, so if you think there's any chance you could be having one, go to a doctor.