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Me and my boyfriend had sex on the 21st and my period is usually due around the 25th or 26th today is the 29th and I've taken 2 pregnancy test and both say negative :-( Is there a chance that I'm taking the test too early or may I not be pregnant at all ? :'(


Yes, you may not be pregnant and yes, you may be testing early.

When was your last period? How long of a cycle do you usually have?

Assuming 28 days you'd ovulate on or about the 11th or 12th, figuring your period was due on the 26th. Having sex on the 21st it would be unlikely that the egg was still viable, able to be fertilized.

When you test, use your first morning urine, it is more concentrated and you'd likely get an earlier result. If still no period in 7-10 days, repeat the test. False negatives testing early are common.