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I took the morning after pill 3 times in one cycle (once the day after my period, next time 10 days later, next time 1 month after the first time). I took it within 24 hours of the sex each time. I didn't use condoms though. I still haven't got my period though, it's currently 2 weeks late. Should I be worried? I took two HPT and both were negative, I went to the doctor and he did a urine test and it as also negative. I'm so nervous though... I cannot afford to get pregnant. What do you think the chances of me being pregnant are? Also, does the morning after pill affect your cycle? I want to start on birth control but obviously can't until I get my period.. frustrating waiting. Thanks any help would be appreciated.


I'm glad you reached the obvious conclusion: the morning after pill is considered 'emergency' medication, and is an intentionally high dose of hormone and chemicals designed to disrupt your bodies ability (temporary) to operate normally and support pregnancy. Start using them instead of birth control pills, and you enter into experimental medicine: you'd need to check the manufacturer's website on any restrictions as to use, including frequency, interaction with other medicine, including the normal pill etc.

So if you take powerful pills repeatedly which are designed to disrupt your system, could it disrupt your system? I'd say.

I'm not a doctor, just an experienced adult, but I'd suggest that you have been responsible so far, I can't imagine three times in one cycle is any more significant than 21 normal birth control pills, but check the website.

Now it's time for patience, let your body settle down (even if you can't), and start on the pill as you suggest.

If the delay is getting to you, there are still condoms, almost equally reliable as the pill if used correctly, or you can check with the manu. website for the morning after pill, and for the birth control pill, and see if they have any advice as to starting in your situation.

If you're still concerned, now, or later, go check it out: see a doctor or clinic.

We have 'convenience' everything else, but convenience babies/pregnancy/not being pregnant? It still takes time.