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hi everyone.. please help me .... is there any chance that i could be pregnant because lately me and my boyfriend have had a lot of unprotected sex and i got told that if you take two of your contraceptive pill in the morning that it works as the morning after pill. but then today i found out that it doesn't work so... i'm quite worried + also i am feeling really tired, and i have flutter type feelings in the middle of my belly and tight feeling in my ovaries and sides :( which isnt comfortable.... so please let me know what you think.

by the way i only came off my last period around the 15th of june.


Taking two birth control pills and using that purpose for the morning after pill not only does not work, but it can mess up your cycle. If you need the morning after pill you have to get one completly seperate from your regular birth control pill. If you came off your last period around the 15 of June, that was exactly one week ago. I would feel safe saying that you are not pregnant. You have not started to ovulate yet.
You just really need to be more careful. Take your bc everyday, take 1 pill around the same time each day. If you miss a day, then you can take two the next, but try to miss no more. If you do, you will have to start over. Each time you forget to take your pill, the chances of getting pregnant increase. One missed pill is all it takes. Be vigiliant and stay on track. The flutters in your tummy is not baby related, maybe it's nerves. Just relax, and use a backup form of bc until you get your next period. (condom)