Me and my fiancee had sex the week before my period. Since it was our first time together and I was a virgin we expected it to hurt me a little but it hurt a lot so we stopped but we tried everyday that week to see if it would hurt less. A couple times he wanted to see if it would hurt if he just stuck it in and if it did we wouldn't continue but if it didn't he would put a condom on. He tried to stick it in but it hurt both times he tried so we stopped and he made sure be fore he stuck it in that there was no precum on it or anything. I had my period on time from Sunday July 26 to saturday August 1. We haven't had sex since and I should have started my period today but I haven't nor do I feel any of my normal symptoms like my lower back hurting and stomach cramps. Could I still be pregnant een if I had my period and haven't had sex since?