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Me and my boyfriend both were virgins but on Sunday we had unprotected sex after the 1st round he had cum but he didn't cum inside of me but he didn't go pee and we waited for a lil while and had round 2 After we was done he went to go pee and my vagina wasn't wet and he didn't cum inside me at all but my period date passed and now my period is a day late I don't have any symptoms everything is regular what does that mean ? I need answers fast


Hi Lola,

He ejaculated outside of you and then put his penis into you.  By doing so that would "squeeze" any semen, not precum but semen with sperm, out of his penis and into your vagina.  There would be a risk of pregnancy.

But, if had sex 5 days ago (Sunday), then you'd be VERY unlikely to be pregnant.  Timing wise, you'd be approaching your lowest fertility.  It is is well past when you'd be expected to ovulate.  The egg can only survive about 48 hours.

You can just be late.  It happens.  I strongly doubt you are pregnant.

Hope it helps.