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my vagina is ALWAYS extremely itchy.
i have to keep scratching it,or it is so itchy that it becomes painful.
lately, when ive scratched or felt down there,
my vagina has been extremely lumpy and skin is dry and peeling off.
i havent been sexually active for about 2 years.
im not on any medication or birth control pill and never have been.
i also, have discharge. it changes from milky white, to clear and sticky.
and sometimes i just have this white stuff on my vagina, which seems to look like some sort of powder or something.
i have a really bad odour down there, which usually smells like fish.
i have absolutely no idea what is wrong with me,
and please dont tell me to go to the doctors because im too embarrassed.
what is wrong with me, and can i get rid of it?


Read my post and see if it helps!