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Peeling fingertips are quite common, even though a lot of people do not really know why they occur. It can be a painful condition if it is left untreated, or if small wounds form as the result of picking at the skin. Here are some of the most common causes of peeling skin:

Finger Sucking

Peeling skin can be a problem in toddlers and extremely young children who have gotten into the habit of sucking on their fingers. There is a psychological aspect as to the development of this disorder. Parents are likely to notice frequent peeling of the fingers near the top of the fingers and down to the portion that is inserted into the child’s mouth.


The reason for peeling fingertips may have to do with the development of eczema on the fingers.  Some of the symptoms that will be noticeable alongside the peeling of fingertips include redness on the fingertips, rashes, dryness of the skin, a scaly appearance of the skin and maybe even a burning sensation.

Such a reaction is triggered when the fingertips come into contact with a chemical irritant. The reaction is almost always localized in nature and short lived, however, there can be occasions when this reaction starts to spread to other parts of the body.

Increased Exposure To The Elements

Spending time outdoors for a prolonged period of time can also cause a peeling of the fingertips. This time spent includes too much exposure to the sun or in the water or in conditions that are very cold and dry. The skin loses its moisture in such conditions and thus starts to peel.


The term keratosis basically refers to a proliferation of the keratnized layer of the skin. A lot of people suffer from this condition all over the world, and most will never ever know about it. It is not a serious condition or something that needs serious medical attention. It does, however, cause dryness, itching and peeling of the fingertips, particularly on exposure to cold and dry conditions.

Allergic Reaction

Another very common condition that causes peeling fingertips is an allergy. People who are required to wear latex gloves in their line of work are very prone to developing a delayed allergy to latex and notice a painful swelling of the fingertips, redness, pain and peeling of the fingertips.

Other Causes Of Peeling Skin On The Fingers

Some other causes like poor hygiene (particularly for those people who are wearing socks and sweating frequently, like athletes), genetic disorders like Kawasaki’s disease, fungal infections, or other indeterminate ones can also be associated with the peeling of fingertips.


A simple thing like keeping these your hands moisturized will go a long way in preventing peeling fingertips. Make sure that the lotion being used is dermatologically tested and once you have found a brand that you are comfortable with, stick with it. Some other things that help include a nutritional high fiber diet, antibacterial lotions for the hand and soaking your fingertips in warm water for a few minutes daily.

If an allergy has been identified then preventing any exposure to the offending allergen is of course necessary.   

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