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Six-pack abs are the fitness achievement most men and many women dream about, but that ultimately requires rather a bit of effort. Are you determined to turn that dream into reality? If, after doing sit-ups for a while, you still haven't made it to your final destination, don't give up. Just change what you're doing, because you are doing it wrong.

It takes more than sit-ups to get ripped, and it takes more than working out in general. How do you do it?

First Things First: Food

The appearance of six-pack abs doesn't just depend on the quality of your abdominal muscles. In order to actually see great abs, you will need to be lean! A healthy and balanced diet that discourages the formation of abdominal fat is one of the foundations of a ripped body, then!

You know full well what causes the build-up of abdominal fat. We're talking processed carbs like white bread and pasta, beer, many fruits, and dairy products like butter and milk, along with oil of course. Stay away from those things and focus on a veggie and protein rich diet that offers the right nutrients in the right amounts.

What Does It Take To Get A Six Pack?

SteadyHealth readers have asked us what exercises they need to engage in in order to get that six pack they so desire. The answer isn't as simple as you might be hoping for, as you'll already have found out if you have been doing sit-ups for a while now.

Beyond eating the right diet, people who want a six pack also need to engage in regular cardio exercise if they currently have enough abdominal fat to prevent awesome ab muscles from really showing. Don't neglect that part. For that matter, please do commit to looking after your whole body, and not just the abs. Ripped abs do not look hot in combination with scrawny arms.

Now for the abs. Better than sit-ups are cable crunches, hanging knee raises, seated leg tucks, and jack-knife sit-ups, along with such things as using ab crunch machines at the gym or using exercise balls for exercises. You'll want to incorporate as much variety as possible into your abdominal workout, and to focus on developing strength.

Will that six pack come as soon as you are probably hoping? Most likely not. Remember that a true six pack is the result of a combination of well-developed abdominal muscles and a lack of abdominal fat. (Note, women: you can indeed get a six pack but it will certainly be harder for you, even if your abs are just as strong as those of the guy who does have a visible six pack!)

Most "quick six pack" programs, which tend to promise more than they can deliver anyway, don't claim that you can get six pack abs in under two months. Don't expect miracles. Just keep on eating well, engaging in cardio, and developing your abs using a variety of different exercises, and you will get there in the end.

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