i've been on the pill since i was 15 to control my irregular periods, i'll be 23 next month. so my periods are always regular now like clockwork and i've never missed one as long as i've been on birth control. my last period was march 6th. i had sex on march 10th. then started taking my pills again like usual. i stopped taking my pills on april 7th and never spotted, bled, started my period, anything. which is not usual at all for me. so i took 2 hpts on april 10th and both were negative so i started a new pack of pills. i stopped taking those pills on april 28, 29, 30, may 1, and still no period. i took another hpt on april 30th and followed the instructions this time, and STILL got a negative. i've never missed a period in 8 years. i kind of had a feeling i was pregnant after the first missed period but when i saw two bfn, i just chalked it up as nothing. but this is the second time i've missed so far so something's definitely not right. could i be getting a false negative? i'm 3 weeks late for my period now. i've read about a bunch of girls getting false negatives until 8-9 weeks because slower hcg production so not sure if that's the case here. also, my bc pills are in a 32 cycle not the normal 28 so i only have 4 period days already (which is why it's very unusual to not start af after missing a pill, let alone 4). if i miss a pill during the month at any time, i'll start my af the next day. i've done this twice now, for 3 days the first time and now 5 days so far the second time and still af??? should i wait another week and take a FR test? i've had stompach cramps like i was going to start but haven't, heartburn, tired, headaches which i never get, peeing a lot and mood swings are just some of the symptoms i've been having. any help please?