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Hello, I'm 17 and Im on birth control but I haven't taken it for a while now cause I haven't had any. So I was wondering when I can start taking it. I started my period Monday April 20, and don't know if I took it today wouldn't it miss my cycle up? When shod I take it next Sunday??


Hi Kaylee

Here is some info for you -

Women used to be told that they could only start the pill on the first day of their period or on the first Sunday after the start of their period. We now know that it’s also perfectly fine to start the pill on any day of the month. Talk with your health care provider about what day is best for you to start taking the pill.

Combination PillsYou may start the combination pill at any time. If you start within five days after the start of your period, you are protected against pregnancy right away. You will not need to use a backup method of birth control. That means that if your period starts on a Wednesday morning, you can start the pill up to Monday morning to be protected right away. If you start at any other time during your menstrual cycle, you will be protected from pregnancy after seven days. Use another method of birth control — like a condom, female condom, diaphragm, or sponge — if you have vaginal intercourse during the first week of use.

Progestin-Only Pills

You may start the progestin-only pill at any time. Use another method of birth control if you have vaginal intercourse during the first 48 hours of progestin-pill use — protection will begin after two days.Taking the progestin-only pill at the same time each day is essential. If you take it more than three hours past the regular time, you need to use a backup method of birth control for 48 hours after taking the late pill.

If you are in doubt which pills you are taking please consult your doctor. Good luck