Has anyone else had this problem? I have been on Yaz Birth control since mid march.... I am a sunday starter and am supposed to get my period on Wedneday, It's now Friday and I still have not gotten it. Sometimes It is very light when I get it because of the pill and it only having 4 white pills, but I usually always get it. Last week I felt pms and was eating salty and chocolate foods that I was craving and also felt bloated the day i was due to get it. I still haven't gotten it and I start a new pack on sunday. I missed one pill this month and did take it the next day. I also take them at night at 8pm and a few times I honestly didn't take it until more like 10. my boyfriend and I are sexually active and we don't use condoms. Although we are monogamos and well of age if I am ya know I don't want to be! I am kinda freaking out here!!!! My other girlfriends on birthcontrol say that I should be fine. I am skinny and they think that because I have lost more weight recently that could be why it is running late. they also say that the pill could be doing this. I am still freaking out. has anyone else had this problem