I am so glad I came across this website..I to am on lexapro 10mg. for about 19 months now. I had a difficult baby girl and could not cope with her.. Did not think much about it but I have put on about 10 pounds i can not get rid of.. I have been exercising and no change in eating habits. Then 6 months ago I decided to get rid of the baby fat after 2 kids and chose to do the smart lipo. Only to find my surgeon said I need to be off the lexapro for about 1 week before the procedure. I at first was horrified to stop it, however I did cold turkey. I was dizzy but it did go away. The next week I went for my procedure and amazingly lost 7 pounds.. I did not even think about that until I read these posts. After the procedure I started the lexapro again and I am back up 7 pounds and have been wondring why it is back now I think I have it figured out.. I am stopping the lexapro again.. My llittle girl is now 20 months and I think I am just used to taking it so I don't reallly think I need it..I definatly don't need the extra weight! Thanks to all who have posted their experiences... :-D