hi,i'm a lil bit confused with the other posts that i have read.i juz wanna make sure that i'm not actually PG..

i'm an adult, i notice a lot of very young (underaged) posters in here..well, i juz had a vigorous sex 3 days ago n i'm now xperiencing some weird symptoms..my abdominal area and back sore,my vaginal area become quite aches when i pee,my breast swells a bit due to being pinched too hard,i had some mood swings and today i notice a light bleeding on my panty..it came with a clear discharge,mix with light red,brown blood.if my calculation was right,i will be expecting my period on this 28th.my period previously was not that regular,sometimes advance or late 2-3 days,but still can be counted/estimated..

i also did masturbate (sometimes can't control myself,few times at a time).normally,no bleeding happen,not until today after 3 days of the sex.when i read thru the other posts,i am a bit confused and scared as i did experiencing some abdominal cramps whatsoever that might linked to PG.i tried to sooth myself,telling it juz a cramp coz i didn't have sex for quite sometime.

the 1st round,me and my sex fren use condom but not the 2nd round.after washing himself frm the 1st round,my partner use the withdrawal mthd for 2nd round,juz in time b4 ejaculation.we did it (the withdrawal mthd) everytime we had sex years before,nothing happen like now.so,is it possible that the implantation thing happen?is it possible after 3 days of sex?i keep telling myself it juz a side effect due to long term abstinence,it might be some scratch/bruise in my vaginal due to the hardcore sex.i did experiencing difficulty when his penis entered,maybe due to the abstinence,my muscles won't relaxed that easily.or is it juz the ovulation process?though i'm an adult,i still not quite get the whole thing.any advise would be helpful..thanks..