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:cry: I have just had an lp shunt put in and I am having bad headaches and neck pain. What can I do about this? I am working as a NAII at this moment and I feel that the straining and pulling on my patient sometimes causes the pain in my neck. And light is just unbearaable at times. Please help I have 2 kids and a husband who don't understand why I sometimes can't do anything but lay down.


I hope you have had some resolve in the time you wrote this and now. The reason most likely is due to the drainage from the LP.... It's too high. The valve  may need to be adjusted. In other words the fluid is being drained to fast before it can be replenished and only time can replenish the rappid loss. you should wear flat shoes no tippy toesand sit on relatively firm surfaces to avoid the situation until your valve can be adjusted. If the neuro doc doesn't want to hear it get a new doctor.