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With Mitro Valve Prolapse are you more likely to gain weight easily? And is it hard to loose weight?


My grandfather was diagnosed with Mitral valve stenosis 2 years ago. The doctors have told us that this is common heart valve abnormality and that is affecting five to ten percent of the world population.

How long it has been since you are diagnosed?


Since obesity can greatly exacerbate symptoms of this disease and my grandfather had problems with weight the doctors ordered him to keep weight under control.  They claimed this plays big role in treating and preventing mitral valve stenosis.

So if you have problems with weight try to lose some because this will be good for you and your condition.


Unfortunately they haven’t mention anything about losing weight so I don’t know how hard it is to lose some.


Share a little bit more information with us. And my grandfather managed to lose some weight trough adjusted diet. He was forced to give up sweets but it was good decision.


I hope everything will turn up well with you.